Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It is my dream that one day the New York Times will say that I, too, am "strong."

You can read here the New York Times' review of TallTenor (William Joyner)and his compatriots in Anna Karenina. Meanwhile, here in New York, I got rained on a lot last night and the doorman looked upon me with suspicion upon my return.

I would be content with, "He stood up well under questioning."
Yet another triumph for Opera Man!!!!

You know, Donut is a very gifted singer. i am sure he could benefit from your tutelage. I think I will ship him out there to stay with you..just for the summer.

Remember, he is allergic to dairy., gluten, wheat, tree nuts, penicillin, synthetic fabrics, sugar, bee stings and crackers. Oh and he prefers to only wear earth tones.

Other than this he is pretty low maintainance.
you must not be tipping enough...
"We dont like your kind here, Osler"
Door men always look at me with suspicion. And rightly so.
Congratulations to you, TallTenor! Osler has impressive friends. If you ever sing in Switzerland, I will come and yell bravos.
I think Osler's time will come when this book on the death penalty process is published. "Strong" will be putting it mildly.
Tyd, I'd be afraid Donut would eat my kids' gray fraidy-cat, then come after me for hurting his ears by singing notes only he could hear.

SG, I'll be in Austria in the fall & early part of the winter, but that's about as close to Switzerland as I'll get. I was in Como, Italy, last December, though.
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