Sunday, February 11, 2007


Technical Problems...

The winner of the haiku contest was disqualified for having six syllables in the last line... sigh. These rules...

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Who? Which? What and or How?
Which haiku was it? I've done the same thing before.

Note to self and others: haiku sober.
C'mon, everyone knows that "giant" can be pronounced "Jint" (with a long i).
Nobody used the 5-7-5 format on that haiku blog you linked to awhile back.

Apparently, using more or less syllables is highly in vogue
They messed up the rhyme
6, not 5, is haiku crime
Try again next time!
B. Mac--

It was the one about coffee mugs and Anna Nicole Smith. Kind of tasteless, but popular. But... not haiku!
Since when is tastefulness a requirement for anything on the Razor?

As for syllables, I looked and Swanburg's right. The Japanese don't care, why should you?

I would think that you would believe in poetic license. Give 10:58 a jug, I mean mug. He or she deserves it.
OK, that last one was me. I just hit the keyboard with my hand before I finished.
Mmmmmm, boobies!
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