Thursday, February 22, 2007


The Slob Army

No one loves a good typo better than I do, and I saw one of my favorites yesterday. DFW airport is festooned with televisions showing CNN around the clock; mostly it is Anna Nicole Smith these days. However, they broke into the crucial Anna Nicole updates to briefly report that Britain is pulling troops out of Iraq.

I couldn't hear the TV because of the airport noise, so I was reading the transcription that scrolls over the screen. A reporter was lamenting the loss of our coalition partners, saying (according to the transcript): "Now the British are leaving. The Italians have already left, the Koreans are on their way out, and even the slobs have pulled out of Iraq."

That's bad! If we, the fattest people on earth, can't keep the slobs in our coalition, what hope is there? Even scarier is the fact that the slobs apparently have an army. Where will they send their troops now that they are free of Iraq? (I mean, after the stop at DQ).

I suppose the guy could have been saying "Slavs," and they just got it wrong on the transcript, but I am really enamored of the idea of the slob army pulling out of Iraq, probably on a fleet of motorized scooters.

Too funny - you gave me a real laugh-out-loud moment this morning.
An army of motorized scooters? That is hilarious. I wonder if their weapons have remote controls?
That picture is great. It looks like Thurston Howell III, Ricardo Montalban, and a combination of the guy who played Gilligan with Bill Murray and Alan Alda.

Oh, CNN . . . CNN is one of the two English channels I get, but often I'm left resorting to the Italian game shows or the Dukes of Hazzard dubbed into French . . . "slobs" indeed.
Bill Mauldin's characters, Willie and Joe, were in the Slob Army
I'm quite sure the Slob Army drives around in stolen cake-floats leftover from Homecomings past.

They all say "Eat Me" on the side for easy identification. Unit Delta Tau Chi.
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