Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Now THAT'S a cup of coffee!

It's true what Swanburg says-- the new coffee mugs approved for classroom use are ferociously large. Seen above is one such mug, in proper perspective. Pictured in front of the mug are Swanburg and his date, as Chicago lounges nearby. In the background is the HazMat team required by state law to accompany beverages of this size.


I freaking LOVE the mug policy. Now the only decision is what to put inside...and post-PC, whether it should involve rum, tequila or "hard" grape Kool-aid. Decisions, decisions...(JK!)
I’m not going to lie. I can honestly say I love what you’ve done here.
I want one--a cup that is. And an extra HazMat team to care for Old Main. Are the cups on sale at the gift shop in the Law School? Is it true the profile of Millard Fillmore is engraved on the back? I really dig the 13th president of the United States.
Yes, I do enjoy the times that I get to recline- sadly, I am unable to do that when I am at the law school.
OK, the real issue here is what happened to the drawing of you with the giant telephone?
Medievalist (or Pablo, in my links)--

Mine doesn't have Fillmore on the back. I'm taking it back for a refund.
You know, there was something about this that brought back an honest to Goodness repressed memory! Very exciting! I didn't realize I had any... but I do!

At my last law firm, management did a build out of new space with beautiful blond wood and lots of light... and a LIGHT colored carpet.

A VERY BAD idea when your employees are a bunch of hard working, absent minded, COFFEE DRINKING lawyers, paralegals, clerks and secretaries. Much coffee was spilled and stains ensued.

So we were all issued adult plastic "Sippy Cups" for our coffee. Very demeaning. I rebelled and used a nice ceramic one from Starbucks.

That's beautiful, man. [tears up] I... I ... spilled all that stuff on your carpet. And only part of it was coffee; the rest was motor oil and ground beef. Sorry, man.
What?! No quotes from Armistead Maupin? For shame!
FYI, there are two ceramic mugs on my desk right now. Both currently dirty, both well used, and both oversize. Mmmmm, coffee. Normal-sized mugs are for coffee-hating mormons and the like.
Stef the Ref--

It took me a minute to place the Maupin reference, but then I remembered the Starbucks cup controversy of a few years ago around here...
Actually, from what I know, the state requirement is that a Hazmat team follow Swanburg around when he is on a date. It has nothing to do with the coffee.
The official Baylor mug was, in my opinion, the height of condescending micro-management. It irritated me and I refused to use it.

I just spilled my coffee on my computer for the first time in my entire life.

I will complain no more... forever.
It's hard to tell, but... isn't that Prof. Trail in the Hazmat outfit?
I think we should send Tydwbleach and IPLawGuy a mug. They have earned it. Perhaps we could just hire some guys to sail one over to their location...
I would be proud to use the Baylor Law School Mug as a bathtub for little Mamie Eisenhower IPlawbaby.

However, you're evading the issue:

What happened to your photo? Don't you like giant telephones and sticky tape anymore?

I was trying to clean things up and deleted a whole bunch of stuff by mistake, including the Medievalists link and the photo. I'll fix it soon...
I agree with 8:34 - Yes, we really need sippy cups, or we'll spill our dwinks aw over da pwace! Maybe we can bring our blankies and pacifiers, too? Actually, I'm all for the blankie policy.

Anyway, I don't drink coffee, and I think it's more than a little stupid to transfer my beverage of choice from its spill-proof, lidded water bottle into a big dorky mug that I am much more likely to drop. I can throw my water bottle into my backpack, but I'm really looking forward to balancing that freaking coffee pot on top of a stack of books to get from one class to the next.

Yeah, I'll be sticking with the covert drinking from twist-lid containers - if you see me with the sippy cup, you'll know that its contents are more along the line of what jjs recommended...
I find the cups rather insulting, yet the LS is providing the first one for free. I find myself torn...but then I consider, 'the first one is free'... Are we being hooked into a vast sippie cup conspiracy? Did Gerbers donate a new ELMO for Courtroom Two or something? At least now I can enjoy my Dr. Pepper in bed more safely.
I hear the next step in law school drink technology is to set up IV tubes at the libary desks, right next to the electrical power strips. You sit down, plug in your laptop and then inject the beverage of your choice right into your arm. The only trick will be getting into the proper arm. Lefties will want to sit on the left side of the IV tubes so as to get the tubes in their right arm and vice versa.
It's called compromise folks! The law school would prefer for you not to drink in its nice 36 million dollar building. You gripe and complain because you can't. So, here is an idea ... spill-proof cups. Who would ever dream of complaining about that? Oh, wait, I know ... BU Law students!!!
As soon as I get one (with the profile of Millard Fillmore on the reverse side), I'm going to use to make goulash. Maybe I'll take the lid off and plant an oak tree in it. I do need an extre gas can, come to think of it. What are gift shop hours?
SM-- That's not a gift shop! It's my office, and you need to stop taking stuff and leaving a pile of change.

11:18-- I completely agree. It seems like a pretty good compromise to me.
Since when did we allow drinks anywhere at Baylor Law?! Prof. Trail would have a heart attack if he knew this.

The following is an e-mail I received from Associate Dean Jackson after I tried to get Baylor Policies changed during my time:

"Believe me, I do understand and sympathize. I am one who needs coffee, tea or water to sip and candy and snacks to nibble on while I work/study. But I also, within the last 6 months, have had to rush my laptop to Ricky after spilling or splashing coffee on it.

We have discussed the water issue and keep coming back to need to protect the large amount of very expensive, soft wood everywhere. Water stains would absolutely kill to beautiful finish. Additionally, even if we allowed water, it would be very difficult to police whether it really was only water.

I also understand and agree with the hypocrisy of us having luncheons in the library. I have discussed it with Dean Toben on several occasions. The truth is we have no where else in the building to have such luncheons. When we were planning for the new building, I requested an all purpose room for banquets and such. The original plan had such a space. In the budget cutting process for the building, that space was cut. I regret more than you know not fighting to keep that space, but that is history now. The reality is that we will have to continue to use the room and you are right, over time we will have to refinish or replace the tables, carpet, etc. It kills me to see stains on the carpet and water sitting on the tables. If I'm in there, I sometimes wipe up the water up myself knowing that it might be a while before the cleanup staff will come back.

I also agree that all of you are on your way to becoming professionals and honestly I can't name one individual that I don't trust to clean up after themselves. (Of course, I am routinely surprised by the truly juvenile or inappropriate behavior of some of our "adults.") However, we have enough experience in our old building to know that, as a whole, the student body will trash a building without restrictions and serious attempt to enforce the rules. In the old building, we did finally begin to let students take drinks in containers with lids into the library. It was impossible to know what liquids were in the cups and it was a mess. When we finally allowed them to take food and drink into the library and classrooms, you would not believe how irresponsible people were. Besides the horribly spotted and stained carpets and the water stains on the desktops, people would literally pile cups with liquid and bags with greasy/running food remains on top of already full library and classroom trashcans and by the next morning, there would be nasty puddles running from the trashcans on the carpet. Additionally, the ant problem became a nightmare. When students are studying for finals until 2 am and cleaning staff aren't around until the next afternoon in most areas, it was a horrible mess and it would be again. Nothing trashes a building quicker.

I wish I had a better solution for you, and I know it feels as if we are solving the problems caused by relatively small numbers of inconsiderate students by punishing all, but there really is no other way. The student lounge and the terrace (weather permitting) are places for studying while eating.

I'm not familiar with the Law Review issues you raised but I will look into them. I can tell you that Law Review does have income from the sale of their books so that they have a budget independent of your tuition dollars.

I really do appreciate your sharing your thoughts and concerns with me. I will discuss these issues with Dean Toben again, but I do not foresee a change."
Dean Jackson took her laptop to a RICKY for repair??? This was clearly a forgery. The real Dean J would know better.
The Rickies fix lots of stuff. That's why they get to be part of the Rickies.
They certainly fix the kolaches.
The thing I find most ironic is that the cups are more appropriately labled "spill-resistant" than "spill-proof". After vigorous testing and experimentation, I have discovered that the only benefit to the cup is its wide base, reducing the chances that it will get knocked over. When the cup is on it's side, it leaks. When it is dropped, the top often comes off, and when you hold it up-side-down, you'd better have a towel nearby.
Dude, why would you carry your drink around upside-down? You seem to have unrealistic expectations.
Hello Sorry I have been slacking the past few days... I was being held captive in a car dealership by some overenthusiastic salespeople. In the "fog of war" events sometimes become cloudy, but I know we drove in with CrapVan and 72 hours later they released us and we now own a newer CrapVan.

Actually the new one is very nice, and though I struggle constantly with wanting to use alternative fuels, we needed a new car pronto. THere is , somewhere, a flex fuel version of this van, but not anywhere within 8 or 9 states...

AND, I am proud to say, I bought American, which, given the state of my old hometown these days, they need all of the help they can get.

Plus they were practically shoving this car at us. A year of free Sirius radio and oil changes, $4000 incentive... IPLAW I would suggest you go get one of these cars soon, before the great sale ends, and before Mamie Eisenhower Iplaw turns one years old.

I mean I KNOW what you are thinking.. "I am NEVER going to be the kind of parent that has a DVD player in the back of the van. I am NEVER going to buy those stupid shoes that light up."
But then you have a kid like mine, who is just NUTTY, and NEVER stops talking, and a million crazy days later your kid is sitting in the back of your van watching Thomas the Train wearing lighted shoes.

Here is an example:
After the finance manager negotiated our release from the showroom we went to a neighborhood restaurant, where Spencer is well known.
He is not SPOILED really but he had had a very long day at the dealership etc and he was kind of wound up. He did not get his chocolate milk on time, so he decided to sit under the table and not move. Then he finally sat in the real chair when the chicken strips came. They also came with ranch sauce, and guess what he did with that? He dipped all ten of his little fingertips in and then shook them like a sheepdog after a bath. It rained ranch dressing in the booth. At this point we tried to finish eating fast so I could pay the bill and Bill could take him out to the car. I waited for the ck and gave the waitress my credit card and then signed the thing and left.
Then we went to a big store to look at these on sale bookshelves and get some dog food, but Spencer decided that he would have a big fit in the store, complete with the crying, the wailing, the big snotty nose, and then the barfing. He barfs when he is really upset WE quickly got the dog food and left there but Bill paid for the dog food. WE though that the Dollar Store might cheer Spencer up because he was so good all day we told him we would go there and get a balloon. SO we go there, get some stuff and then I go to charge the stuff and the PIN number will not work on my Mastercard WE try it like 4 times and nothing so THEN, the guy says "I'll just run it as a credit" because Spencer was screaming over and over I WANT MY T- REX!!! I WANT MY T REX!!! (his balloon) By this time he was seriously unglued.

SO then we leave there and go home and put him to bed etc and all of that then later I remember I have to buy a gift card for a baby thing so I am trying to do this with my card online. I finally look at the numbers and they do not seem right I look at the card and it says RONALD M PALMA The waitress switched our cards.. So then I had to call WAMU bank, where the Cust Service people are in the Philippines, and explain this all nine times then go to the bank this AM. THen today we had the whiskers and plaid guys in and out all day giving estimates on stamped concrete patio and flooring and all of that crap. One of these people was like this lady this - really you know decorator type well put together dressed great, blonde.. all of this ... she is measuring the living room for flooring and Spencer starts yelling DOGGIE POOPED!!!! Looks like our incontinent dog is at it again.... GAWD I cannot see us ever getting her estimate... Then this concrete guy barely spoke English and he answered "YES ABSOLUTELY" to every question we asked him... "Well can you build the patio out of gelatin?" YES ABSOLUTELY

but I do have a cool gas pig of a van that has a dvd in it. those ten minutes of quiet a day are totally worth it....
Tyd-- it's kind of ironic that the person here who really needs a spillproof mug is you, the person not associated with the world center of giant spillproof mugs, BLS.
I like the idea of a Coffee I.V.... It is the one option that did not come with the van.

I am so tired right now, I could use a 50 ml French Roast IV drip....
FINALLY!!! Someone picks up on my brilliant IV idea.

The Prof. and I have been discussing this all day off line and I was really quite disappointed that NO ONE even bothered to reject, let alone appreciate the IV idea.

As for vehicles, right now we have my Audi A4 Convertible and IPlawwife's year old Scion 4 door hatchback. Iplawwife bought this practical car when her way cool, but totally impractical Jeep Wrangler died. And to make up for the fact that she was getting a tiny little gas efficient little rice burner, she had them put racks on the top. Racks that create wind resistance. NOISY wind resistance. I've rode in trucks that were quieter.

But the A4 Convertible only has two doors, so guess which car we use more often than not.

So what were looking at is the new 4 Door Jeep Wrangler. I won't drive a car that's not a convertible. Ive had one since I was 26 and I refuse to give that up. Of course, since we haven't seen a temperature north of 25 in a week, that seems rather impractical, but for about 8 mos. out of the year, the top is DOWN.

And it turns out that NO ONE makes a four door convertible. Until now. So we think we have another Jeep in our future.

One with massive cupholders for gigantic coffee sippy cups.
I can vouch for the fact that IPLG drives with the top down in, say, October, despite the fact it is 50 out. I don't mind it, actually, if you keep the heat blasting at you...
BLS is making great improvements. Too bad they were implemented the week after graduation.
Wait a minute.... a convertible???? To take Mamie Eisenhower Iplaw to Soccer and Preschool?????

NO that cannot work.. Look here is an idea: get the Grand Caravan but get a SUNROOF - ours closes completely OR opens up, or just vents.. ON the 6 days a year when it does not rain here in Oregon, I am looking forward to opening it up. But still its an extra window... so cool.

Not quite a convertible though....

Another good MOMCAR is the Nissan Quest... that one has windows all across the roof... kind of like..... kind of like AMTRAK - you know that one train? where its like you are sitting in a greenhouse ( i have never been on it but I hear its nice)

OR Your wife can get the MOM CAR and you keep your convertible OR you could get one of those mini cooper things.. they have convertibles.. OR what about a Sebring? They have a great convertible yet its still a substantial car.

See, right now she is a meatloaf. She is animated and fun but immobile... Next year... by this time next year she will be walking, your Palm Pilot will be in the freezer, you will know every show on PBS KIDS Sprout, and she will do crazy stuff in the car... like occasionally disrobe, or remove her shoes, throw up, or have your basic meltdown.... They also throw things, so you are going to go thru a LOT of shoes and clothes and string cheese if you have a convertible with a toddler.

Besides, pretty soon she will have an unnatural attachment to some stuffed toy, like Elmo, Curious George or Winnie the Pooh. Trust me, you want to make sure it does not get lost, and if she has a good enough arm, Elmo could become roadkill with a convertible. THEN where will you be at bed time??????

You can try to look for "cool" minivans, but there really aren't any. Seriously. The jig is up. It's Mamie's house now.
Don't fret. The top will stay on when young Mamie Eisenhower IPlawbaby is in the car. Iplawwife already made me swear to that... in blood.

Fortunately, I still get to drive myself to work.

And someday Iplawbaby will think its cool that we have a convertible.

I had a '97 Sebring for 6 years. It was OK, but after the transmission went at 60k miles, followed shortly thereafter by the Starter, it was time to go. And I HATED the service Dept. at the local Chrysler dealer. Fortunately, we live closer to a different dealer with a better reputation now.

Besides, the Sebring also only has two doors.
Mr. Iplawguy -

It's 25 degrees today, the wind is blowing up 19th Street at a mind-numbingly fast pace, and you are driving with roof down? Pray tell, good man, do the homeless jump in for a ride just to feel the heat blasting from the vents?

Why is "dueling banjos" running thru my head at this moment?
Its 78 in Miami. Of course, my rented Saturn Ion is not equipped with a convertible top.

The Audi's top has not been down in months.
Osler--that's the one! That coffee cup isn't nearly as homosexual as it should be.
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