Sunday, February 04, 2007


My prayer for the graduates

I had the honor of giving the invocation for commencement yesterday. This was the prayer I offered:

"Lord, you created us not as lonely souls,
but in society with one another--
Teachers and students,
Parents and children,
Leaders and followers.

This is a day of commencement; the commencement of change, as
The students are becoming teachers,
The children are becoming parents, and
The followers become the leaders.

With You as our Constant, who never changes,
but loves us, and guides us in our changes,
we give thanks
and commence these new beginnings with joy. Amen."

I didn't write the whole thing; my friend and mentor Randall O'Brien wrote the last four lines after I showed him the beginning.

One great thing about the commencement ceremony as a whole was that the commencement address by WJC embodied the Christian faith better than my prayer did, as he made an eloquent case for humility and selflessness in the face of a world which often demands the opposite.

Beadle Beadle Beadle!
Ohh Beadle!
That's a beautiful prayer. I'm sure the graduates were glad you were there to offer it. They are also in my prayers.

I wish them the best.

p.s. My earlier invitation still stands. I hope to see you there.

this is a very nice prayer.... so inspiring as well... all the very best to the graduates ....well u can sometimes drop by My Inspirational Blog and have a glimpse of something u may find interesting...!!!
Boy, it sure looks like a good day for Mr. Beadle!
I like how Beadle's tie matches his robes. Is there anything Beadle can't do?
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