Sunday, February 25, 2007


It appears we lost both Anna Nicole and Bradley Thomas this month...

And I'm really upset about Anna Nicole. As for Thomas, it appears he is no longer with us, given his blog has laid in a state of disrepair for weeks. Sadly, he was seemingly in a state of dementia near the end. His last post was titled "hilarious!" and contained nothing but a grainy video of his two children fighting halfheartedly on a couch in the small home he shares the kids and their mothers.

Which, I suppose, leads to a larger point-- that our media age doesn't allow death with dignity any more, whether it is a mega-celeb like Anna Nicole Smith or a... well, Thomas.

The Zombies finally got him!
Well, it was a fitting end. Bradley's last post wasn't funny, a fitting tribute to his blog, which wasn't funny either.

(Ooooo! Blogger smackdown!)
Speaking of death without dignity, Anna Nicole Smith and Thomas -- I spent the weekend hanging out at the Hotel where Ms. Smith died in Florida.

Figuring Thomas might be at the local Hooters, I stopped in for lunch. He wasn’t there but I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a picture of Meatloaf and some Killeen Hooters girls on the wall next to my table.

But yea, since Thomas wasn’t there it’s safe to assume he’s dead.
Really? Meatloaf? In Killeen? Had he come the Central Texas to visit you or something?
I'm sure you can get some fine meatloaf in Killeen. Fries too.

thanks for turning my funeral pyre into a roast.

By the look in his eye I can only assume Meatloaf was in the area for the purpose of finding me. . .and deporting me to the Bahamas as to avoid any paternaty tests.

Or something like that.
What? Too soon?

It's not my fault Osler set the joke up. I just knock 'em down. But it does teach us that the professors will kill you even in the blogosphere. This place is rough.
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