Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm Waiting Out a Flight Delay at DFW!

I'm on my way to Washington for the Supreme Court arguments in Claiborne and Rita tomorrow morning. I'm pretty excited-- it's a big deal to us sentencing geeks. Right now, though, I'm not moving at all, because my flight to DC is delayed. The reason is mysterious, though what they were saying over the public address system seemed to be related either to "tolls" or "trolls" and their affect on the inbound plane.

I'm not going to pretend to understand aviation. But, I am looking forward to a nice meal with IPLawGuy, IPLawWife, and IPLawBaby if and when I arrive.

Poor Osler. Stuck in the airport with trolls.

I was also stuck somewhere tonight, in the paint and range hood depts of Home Depot. This was our like seventh trip there in like two days. I thought I was gonna die. Did you know that there are range hoods that cost over $1200.00? Did you know that Ralph Lauren makes PAINT? DO you know how much damage a three year old can do with his own shopping cart?

Did you know that the woman who lived in my house before me was stencil happy? I mean her daughter's room has pink walls and ceiling, with two dark purple walls. On these hideous walls are little tulips, frogs, and flowers and dragonflies. I mean like ALL OVER. This room was my office for like a year. I lived with that stuff in there and while cheery, its time to paint because tonight the whiskers and plaid guys left the floor bare because they ran out of the wood or whatever. BUT that is going to be Spencer's room and so I am taking the room he is in now which is bright blue. Spencer is getting a bigger room. we are moving his fire engine bed in there. My office will be in his old room. WE are painting both rooms tonight and by WE i mean BILL. WE bought FIVE GALLONS of stain Kill to get rid of the pink ceiling and dark purple walls.

OK I know I have just gone on and on about this stuff but I am seriously getting to the end of my rope. I feel like I LIVE at Home Depot. I HATE that place. AND: we are not even half done. I am already tired of restaurants and not having a kitchen and eating dinner on lawn furniture and moving from room to room. My son is adorable but this is REALLLY hard with a toddler. Yesterday when we were busy getting a tile estimate he fed an entire medium pizza to the dog. The other night he fell dead asleep in the shopping cart at home Depot and slept thru the night ( we took him home with us, as much as we were tempted to leave him there.... BUT tonight armed with his own shopping cart, he knocked over a carpet samples display, climbed one of those bulldozer lifting machine things in the store, and had like a tickertape parade with paint sample cards. I know what you are thinking: UHMMMMMM BABYSITTER????? ITs hard on a school night they all have like jazz band practice or basketweaving practice or whatever.

ALSO I hate myself right now because all I do is complain. I know there were pioneer women who lived in covered wagons for like a year. Sacajwea and Pocohontas and all of those people in like the Donner Party. Look what they went thru!! Women who lived thru famine, and horrible times in history and all I have to do is drive to home depot nine times a day in my brand new van so my house can be totally re done. I am being stupid, I know but one more night of KFC or Wendy's wearing clothes covered in sawdust and listening to the sawing and pounding and Led Zepplin and I am gonna LOSE IT and there is NO END IN SIGHT.

SO Dear Razor fans
Please give my best to Iplaw, Mrs. Iplaw, and Mamie Eisenhower Iplawbaby.Tell them not to remodel their house until Mamie is ten, If they want to make changes before that, its just easier to move.
Sawing, pounding and Zeppelin? This to me sounds perfect!

Tonight we had dinner listening to the Beat Farmers. The song playing on the XM radio when I picked the Prof. up at the airport was "Susie is a Headbanger" by the Ramones.

Our guest room was once the home of a little boy. So the ceiling is covered with glow in the dark stars, planets and moons. Our guests enjoy turning off the lights, lying in bed and looking at the ceiling.
That's something you rarely get if you have to take a cab (rather than a ride from IPLawGuy)-- "Susie Is a Headbanger."
Around here the cabbies listen to either NPR, right wing kook radio (and you'd be surprised which drivers listen to which) or some sort of Islamic motivational tape.
Well, my great friend Nancy could not make up her mind how to do her kitchen and for two years in her new used house, she and her family lived with a lovely 1970s wallpaper mural of the Matterhorn in her kitchen. THey ate dinner next to the Matterhorn every night.

I am glad you are having fun and how great you get to spend time together again!

Update: Bill is still painting He is on the third coat of Stain Killz and its still purple.
PS SIRIUS came with our new car. A year free of it. My fav channel is SOUL TOWN and 70s hits.

But then, my fave song is Freddie's Dead by Curtis Mayfield:

Everybody's misused him
Ripped him up and abused him
Another junkie plan
Pushin' dope for the man

Now Freddie's dead
That's what I said

The 1970s are alive and well in this house.
My parents ditched the 1968 Avacado green kitchen fixtures about 10 years ago.. just in time for them to come back in style. The wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom however, still shouts hallucingenic drug trip. So many FLOWERS!

Whilst house shopping IPlawwife and I saw much scary wallpaper. I am sure that we were scared away from a few houses due to that and other "interesting" home decor decisions. One place had track lighting in little wires all over the living room. The purple bedroom in another place reminded me of a college dorm. Not mine. I wouldn't have had the interest or desire to paint a wall when I was in college.
Of course I knew Ralph Lauren made paint...what reasonably fratty paint-your-crush would exist without it?

None of that cheapo Krylon stuff for me, no sir...
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