Friday, February 16, 2007


Haiku Friday, I love you!

Could we maybe get a winner who is not anonymous this week? Here are some suggested topics:

1) The Book of Lamentations
2) Spring Training
3) Funny Nicknames
D) Bates on skiis
5) What would Gordon eat?
6) The worst florist in Switzerland
7) Health care policy
8) My pet
9) My gift to Chicago
10) Practice Court and the soul

Here is my entry for the week:

Rocksprings debacle
A town has sprung back to life
The blood-red tulip.


Your chlidren have pets
But you have none of your own
Not a`good topic

The flower guy in Bern
Spoke French and Italian
Patrons spoke German
Nats have no starters
Best hurler won once last year
Wish we had Zito
I like Osler's haiku myself, but since one of the topics is a Swiss one, I guess I should put in my two cents--or my five rappen, that is.

Texas wears its heart
Firmly on its sleeve (Rocksprings).
Swiss are more reserved.


Sweet neighbor lady's
Tacky plastic bouquet near
My door. Make me trip.
Oops. Can't believe I teach English. Should have been "makes me trip." That's what I get for editing. Can I brazenly submit a correction?

Sweet neighbor lady's
Tacky plastic bouquet near
My door. Makes me trip.
Need to find tile guy.
I may move to Home Depot.
Save me, Bob Vila.

Hate DIY shows
Make it look so easy but
they have all the stuff.

What is a wet saw?
Mortar bits, sub floor, caulk gun.
Home Improvement Hell.
Jeremiah cries,
Only in a lamenting
Is faithfulness seen.

Random Jeopardy answer: What is a Hebrew acrostic poem?
"Lamentation Bates"
That was his nickname, you know
On the foosball tour.
At dinner last night
Lamentations abounded
Wish we'd had ziti.
Flowers made of cheese
Sun makes them "bloom" something new
Silly Swiss florist
Zurich in winter,
Grossmünsterplatz is frosty,
The Limmat is cold.
I love your tulips
Slip you out of that dirndle
And stroke your petals.
I think its obvious 9:27 is a racy romance novelist by trade
Dizzy, Daffy, Lip
Ripper, Ducky, Pepper, Flash
Gashouse Gang Players
Swiss stem purveyer
You entice me with your buds
No thorns to cut me.
Dannielynn's daddy?,
A Paternity Party!
R.S.V.P. Now!
-----Celebrity Luvr
Anna Nicole Smith
You enticed me with your buds
I am the daddy!
Oh, Peanut Butter
You ruined my Valentine's
And the day after
WWGE, eh?
I think the better question:
What wouldn't he eat.
Is "Simpon" a very thinly-veiled pseudonym for "Simpson?" Hmmmm... tricky...
The bad swiss florist
Gave nightshade to Chicago
And Gordon ate it.

--> the VR
Tiger Lily Woods
My kitten and Christmas gift
from my sweet sister!!!
When I need it most,
why does the muse elude me?
Haiku is more fun.
VR rules!

But Chicago already eats nightshade, I think.
Finally meet you! Pink Jeep
for Mamie IPLAW?

I gave floor guy stroke.
Said I hate the color of
the oak nailed to floor.

Too Rustic I think.
Looks like Moose Lodge in Twin Peaks
Floor guy hates me now.

Tile guy is my next
victim. I change my mind a
lot. Tile guy beware.

Tile guy REALLLLLY nice.
His name is Habib. He has
passion for his work.

I would like a job
I have a passion for. Tile
guy, you are lucky.

Habib says slate is
do-able. Showed me pictures.
Habib, you rule, dude!

Spencer at sitter.
Had a grown up lunch, complete
with Margaritas.

A toast to Habib
and home improvement. I see
Light @ end of tunnel.

Good thing, too because I am sure you are all BORED TO DEATH with my true life adventures of my house, my child, life with a Luthier and my job search.
The fun never ends
Into exercises now
Say goodnight, Gracie

Opening statements,
Direct and cross, argument
Minitrials too

I miss: sleep and food
Social life, TV; oh well,
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
I’m done with haiku;
Been there, done that, got the shirt.
It’s time to tanka.
Illiniwek gone
Wren chapel cross by request
Alumni betrayed

Please don't ever ever deprive us of your domestic adventures. You are better than a giant coffee mug.
House “no go” to war
NY tickets snowed in cars
Osler greets the Zax
The Cross is still there
Just not permanently up
Public room for all
Some idiot came by
And tried to sell me some ham
Door-to-door ham sales?
Cross debate threatens
Virginia assembly funds
Passion misguided
(on all sides)*,0,7969765.story?coll=va-news

*novice haiku-er...
Agreed, Passion dumb
Hypocritical alums
Knew Pauls, not Chapel
O Lamentations
Phi Kappa Chi's great Sing! act
Mark M. to play God

Springs are unruly
They rebel against the bed
Thus, they must be trained

Boobs' funny nickname:
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Don't know which is which.

Oops, I don't know Bates
And I don't know how to ski
Dude, I don't get it.

Gordon's has fine fish
If you're 80 and single
Oh, delicious sticks!

The Swiss are quite strange
They put holes in their cheeses
Holey flowers, too

I support Doctor
Kevorkian if he would
just kill me now, too

My pet Puffalump
Is a hot pink pig named Floyd
Just like Osler's cat.

Yellow stream of glee
Drank too much and had to pee
Went on Chicago

Know a guy named Chris
Quite old but fears and trembles
PC eats his soul
My haikus use all the below topics:
1) The Book of Lamentations
2) Spring Training
3) Funny Nicknames
D) Bates on skiis
5) What would Gordon eat?
6) The worst florist in Switzerland
7) Health care policy
8) My pet
9) My gift to Chicago
10) Practice Court and the soul

Lament while training
In the spring of good nicknames
Who is Bates on Skiis?

Bad Swedish florists,
that is what Gordon will eat,
health-care is his whim

You got a lizard,
And gave it to Chicago,
A case for PC!

That's pretty good for a 5th-grader.
Who is in 5th grade?
I am but thirty-four spins
around the big Sun
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