Monday, February 05, 2007


The First Day (Again)

It was the first day of classes at Baylor Law, and whhheeeewww, am I whipped. In the morning I have back-to-back classes, sentencing and then oral advocacy.

In Sentencing, there was a real first for me-- all of the students, one way or another, I feel like I know. There are a lot of personalities in there, and it's a great group for the topic.

Oral Advocacy was the usual mayhem. After the introductions, Hulitt Gloer and I addressed the same subject (The Good Samaritan) in two different forms-- the sermon and the closing argument. I gotta say, man, I got my butt whipped. That Hulitt Gloer knows what he is doing.

Which is usually how that class starts. The first year, our third co-conspirator, Randall O'Brien, went first. When he was done, halfway through the first class, he got a standing ovation. That's a tough act to follow, people.


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The single-most enjoyable lecture that I had in all of law school was the first day of Oral Advocacy when Prof. Gloer gave his sermon on the Good Samaritan. The combination of knowledge, insight, and sincerity simply can't be beat. If he has ever written it, and has a copy . . . . .
Dave's (I mean "Public Pretender") is right. That is the best sermon on the Good Samaritan I've ever heard. I look forward to the rest of the class.

The really remarkable thing about THAT gloer lecture (in 2005) is that he was in class at all. Just two months before he had suffered a debilitating stroke that left him unable to speak or move the right side of his body. He had to endure grueling physical therapy just to be able to speak again, much less walk.

I was overwhelmed when he agreed to teach with us again, so soon after the stroke, but even more surprised by how great he was.

For what it's worth, too... today was a totally different lecture/sermon than the one PP heard two years ago.
Well, no matter how you felt in Oral Advocacy, you outdid yourself in PR today! Except for the Caravavaggio thing. That was kind of sad.
If only you knew how "honored" I was to be Delbert.

Movie poster: Eric Rhine IS Delbert the Meth-Addicted Denny's Customer! I smell Oscar!
We had our own Delbert (not his actual name though)downtown in Austin. When we ran his priors I had to be ready with a fresh ream of paper for the printer. He had at least four warrants out at any given time. This fellow was homeless unlike the real Delbert, so it was no coincidence that APD would simply wait for cold weather to bring him in on them. The gas stations he stole from (always a 40 ouncer and some candy) cared more about his welfare than the crime. We would always say, "Oh, Delbert" in exactly the same voice Osler used in class.
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