Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The faculty pretty much like the mugs...

We had another faculty meeting today. Mostly, we talked about the new mugs. Here, you can see some of the hostile reactions Bates (at far right) got when he suggested a 2-credit class in foosball.

Can you identify any of the other faculty in the photo? It's pretty obvious, I guess, that the one with the light saber is Prof. Wren, but what about the others?


I was thinking Village People but if you say it’s the faculty I’ll believe you. Just remember, Prof. CivPro doesn’t like it when you call him “giddy”.
Which one is Millard Fillmore? Oh wait, he doesn't teach.
GREAT MINDs think alike Village people was exactly my reaction...

OSler this is hilarious. The pic cut off on the far right but next to the pirate - is that DARTH VADER?

Tell the Pirate that he needs a makeover..The whole Pirate thing is SO LAST SEASON.
I could use a refresher course, since I have a boy who is going to want all of these next Christmas...

are some of them bleeding? I confess that I have NO IDEA what any of these are supposed to be. I guess I see a construction worker, why do they all have razor stubble?
You need a solo visit to Toys or Your Soul. Go to the Lego aisle and just start perusing. This is not a habit of a highly effective person, nor is it particularly good for your soul, but if you understand the ethos of Legos, you have a chance of understanding your son as well. If there are children there, ask them about what they like, you'll be surprised at the answers. Wait until he starts building Barnicles. They are very fun. If you get the orthopedic free-style Lego package, several of the little men do bleed. SM
Yes, but doesn't the coffee taste all "plasticky"? That's my objection to sippy cups. Coffee should be served in a ceramic or metal container, darnit!

Beer, on the other hand, tastes good in any container
Those are LEGOS?????

WOW I LOVE Legos but they sure look different from my childhood ones...

BUt then we are not quite there yet.. We are still in "MEGA BLOCKS"

Kids toys are so cool these days. ALL I had was like Barbie's stewardess plane.

RE: Cars

Here is one website you should see..

Here, you can compare all the cars crash test ratings and see pics of what they look like in a crash:
Kids toys are more fun than when we were young... and we had to hike 20 miles to the store in the snow both ways up hill! I made the same comment as you, TYD, to an astute 10 year old girl and I said it wasn't fair! She said it actually was fair, because there will be even cooler toys when she has kids! As she sat there with my Treo handheld playing space invaders... instead of Pong!
Pfft. None of you can match the unbridled awesomeness that was unleashed upon the world by Fisher-Price in the 1980s--the Puffalump.

None of you. Ever.
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