Sunday, February 25, 2007


And the Osler Goes to...

I have to say, the Osler for best performance by a professor has to go to Jeremy Counseller for his winter commencement speech, which was everything a commencement speech should be. Second place goes to Prof. Bates, for his foosball accomplishments.

What other categories should I have?

Most Memorable Practice Court Exercise of the Year
hoo boy-- so many nominations there.
Most Memorable Introduction of Millard Fillmore in a Supporting Role
Most harrowing tale of survival during the Wintry Mix(es) that threatened Waco.
Greatest Technological Breakthrough in Sippy Cup Design
Best Barista Dance
Puffiest Lump
Best Kitchen Design in a Blog's Commentary
Best Supporting Haiku
Best Death Caused by a Bear
Do-Nothingest Member of the Faculty Congress
Favorite Historical Liberty
Best Zombie in a Supporting Role
Lumpiest Puff
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