Wednesday, February 28, 2007


And The Osler For Coolest Home Accessory Goes To...

Tydwbleach, picking up her second Osler this year, for having a Hammond B-3 Organ in her dining room. Seriously, the Hammond B-3 is one of the instruments that changed American music.

It was invented in the 1930's as a cheaper, mobile version of the church pipe organ. It is an electromechanical organ, rather than an electronic one, and uses banks of pipes that then are amplified, typically using a rotating amp. The B-3 allows the player to pile 2d and 3d harmonic tones on top of a note, creating wonderful layers.

The B-3 was very popular in small churches in the 30's and 40's, and in military chapels during WWII. Inevitably, its use then spread to popular gospel and blues and into the offspring of those genres, rock and R & B. It was used extensively by bands like Santana, Kansas, Led Zeppelin, and the Grateful Dead, and more recently by artists like Tori Amos.

My favorite use of the B-3 is by Booker T. Jones, of Booker T. & the M.G.'s. Go to itunes, right now, and buy "Time is Tight" by them. It's a groove.

Tyd, you rock. Literally. I really think you and your husband should play the Mighty B-3 for the 89 3-year-olds at Spencer's birthday party.

For another excellent use the Hammond, see Led Zepplin's "Your Time is Gonna Come," from Led Zepplin I.

It's bitchin'.

Deep Purple's "Lazy" and "Space Truckin'," both from the incredible LP Machine Head
And for anyone curious about the M.G.s minus Booker T and the Hammond, check out the Blues Brothers Band.
OK I will send you a pic of the B-3 but Osler I hate to disappoint you but it is a Hammond B3 organ that has been gutted and made into a DESK. I mean clearly it was used by some Bluesguy at one time, and it even has like a stain where the tip jar might have been Its pretty cool, but it is a shell of its former self.

AS for Booker T, I am a fan. IN fact Bill used to play in a band in San Jose with a guy who played a B3 named Duke Jethro, who I guess used to play with BB King.

SO it is just a desk but it is a very cool desk, and it was perfect for the guitar store we had in San Jose. Now in just a house it looks very large and weird but I cannot imagine ever getting rid of it. I think Bill would cry. I just wish it was not in the DINING ROOM but the whole house is torn up. ITs too big and heavy to move it upstairs so we will have to put it somewhere downstairs.

Spencer is driving me INSANE today. He found a newspaper and opened it all up all over the floor a SUNDAY OREGONIAN. HUGE. SO then he found a truck ad and said to me over and over, "Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Mommy? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck, Mommy? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Wanna buy a truck? Mommy, You wanna buy a truck?" Then he poured half a gallon of milk over the dog.

I may not LIVE THRU the TERRIBLE THREES. THey are WAAAAAY worse than the TWOS.
Wanna buy a truck?
PS WE actually just found the camera so once I get all the crap cleared off it I will send you a picture of the B3 Desk. I have to say it was worth every penny of the $35 we paid for it. Can you believe someone sold it? There was this second hand office furniture guy down the street from the shop and he had it sitting outside forever and then it started to get rainy in SJ. I finally asked that guy how much it was. He was so glad to have anyone interested in it he sold it to us for $35 and even delivered the monster to the shop for free!

Its pretty cool actually, I am just crabby.
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