Sunday, February 11, 2007


And now, on the class blog...

The entries are coming in fast and furious on the blog for my oral advocacy class. You can check it out here. So far, I'm really impressed with what people have to say.

Your students and my peers have gone a long way towards impressing me.

Looks like the blog idea is a winner.
I have to say, I reread the Aristotle assignment just now, and part of it still baffles me. What I hope for is that we can get something from it, and I do have some plan for what to say tomorrow.

When I was a kid, we loved freestyle jazz. Probably I just didn't get it, but to me it souded mostly like noise that every once in a while would resolve into this awesome melody or note, then dissolve back to anarchy. The surrounding mess made that harmony so much more memorable and beautiful.
RE: 10:21

Prof Osler,

Is that an exerpt from the book "Blue Like Jazz"?
No-- is that a good book?
It's a great book, and what you said was basically the same conclusion the author makes in there. Only he tied it to God and stuff.

I highly recommend it...and not just because it talks about crazy college students at Reed in Portland.
i really thought you were quoting the book...Oops! in any event, i think you would enjoy the book. the author spoke at Baylor last year
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