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Hello, Georgia!

If you are putting pins in a map as part of some cultish "Where's Osler" game, now I'm in Macon, Georgia visiting with Bill Underwood and his family. Macon is a surprisingly pleasant town with many attributes, but so far my favorite highlight was seeing the old victorian house where Gregg Allman lived with Cher. It didn't look like a very "Cher" type of place, to be honest, but that made it all the more compelling.

It would be very odd to see Cher in the grocery store, wouldn't it? I have a buddy who once was taking a shower at a health club and ran into Alexander ("I'm in charge here") Haig. I think Haig shook his hand, which must have been a little awkward...

I once shared a mirror with Ava Gabor at a Hats in the Belfry store. She said "Pardon me Darling." But didn't try to shake my hand.
WOW we should do like a Lettermanesque "brush with greatness"

I wonder if I have any?

I went to the same high school as Ivan Boesky. I went to the same college as one of those guys on tv in the 80s SIMON and SIMON I think I am not sure if it was either Simon or Simon.... But I never KNEW them.

I was friends in college with a guy who was on MAD TV for about 4 years.
I was on TV on BOZO THE CLOWN with my Brownie Troop. There are other things... SO memorable I just cannot remember them.

BIGGEST OF ALL: I went to high school with Osler AND his brother!!!

AS for CHER in GA....WOW. I wonder if she wore her buttless see thru pants and her headdress out on the town?

I did know a temp at my last job who, in his spare time designed and sold head dresses for Cher dolls and sold them on eBay. My friend Connie was always like "I think he might be gay." I was like "Uhmmm you THINK?"

But I have never had any problem with uh...Cher Fans. I am sort of a live and let live (for the most part) kind of person. I know not everyone feels this way, but maybe it was because I was in theatre for so long.... I was always fast friends with the Cher Fans.
When IPLG and I were in college, our radio station had a series of promos called "Brushes With Greatness."

My favorite was this one:

"Hi, my name is Janet Kirkley. When I was a kid, David Niven hit my dad with a car, but dad was ok when he got out of the hospital, and when I'm in Williamsburg, I always listen to WCWM, FM 89.1!

My all-time favorite things was a public service announcement:

Me: Hello, this is Satan.

Rick Box: And I'm Satan's friend, Rick Box. We're here with a Satanic Message from WCWM, Williamsburg.

Me: Don't be a litterbug! If you see trash lying around, pick it up!

Rick Box: And always place it in the proper receptacle. Thanks, Satan!

Me: You're welcome, friend!
[fake laughter]
I should add that we got complaints from people about that add as "portraying Satan in a positive light." Sigh.
Is it a sin to portray Satan in a positive light? The whole world wonders.

Two brushes with fame: Flew to St. Louis with Charlie Pride (and 124 other folks).

Then there was that skiing thing with Sonny Bono, but I've been asked not to talk about that.
I shared a security wanding with Jim Lehrer at the airport. I bemoaned always getting wanded for my insulin pump and my medical equipment... he noted his two metal hips...

I shared an airport waiting area with Ollie North. A coworker said I should have recruited him to be a spokesperson for the biotech industry... I said NOT! I didn't think he'd be the best representative!
We were flying home from the NCAA basketball tourney and we ended up drinking beer at the same airport bar as Temple coach John Cheney. If you think he's scary on TV, its moreso in person.
Exactly seven years ago tomorrow, Al Franken and I formed the defensive backfield at a beach football game in Hilton Head. Hillary Clinton came to watch.

Predictably, I was a terrible safety, and I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton laughed at me.
WOW! Al Franken!!!! Ava Gabor - So many luminaries. I have never been close to anyone that big except Barbara Bush. It was the Eighties. It was a crazy time.

I had many radio shows in college as well. My favorite was a morning show called "Morning Sickness with Mary and Liz."

There is special place in the universe for College Radio.
My next big adventure...

Law School Radio.
Is it too late to submit a "brush with greatness" entry?

I went to the Sweet 16 in Austin about two years ago and ran into William Hung in the lobby of my hotel. I couldn't let that opportunity pass me by! I met him and he posed for a picture. Too bad i didn't get him to sing for me...

Happy New Year!!
Heck, if Ollie North counts, I've brushed with him many time. Including once where I was the only person in a room of over 100 Arlington County Virginia Republicans who did not give him a standing ovation. He patted my shoulder in a condescending way as he walked out.

Earlier, I had sat behind John McCain, then a Congressman and my boss, when North did his whole tearful "take the fifth amendment" bit before the House Foreign Relations Committee. Since they were both Annapolis grads, McCain already knew him and did NOT like him. We walked out of there and McCain was FURIOUS! His comments are not really printable, but the thrust of his private comments were that this denial crap never works. The truth always comes out. Always. Denial only makes it worse.

As for College Radio, it made the College experience more interesting and it literally kept me from going crazy during law school.

Fun fact - the Wu Tang Clan tried to buy the amazingly huge vinyl record collection at the station that Prof. Razor and I each managed during our Senior years in College.

Morning Sickness sounds fun, but we had a show called "Breakfast with Bruce." He ate breakfast on the air. Groundbreaking in 1982.
IPLG ignores my own favorite WCWM show, "Fun with Foam," featuring a freshman who called himself "Foam." It was really a terrible show.

AJD, do you want me to post that picture???
The whole "Foam" thing happened after I left, so that's your story.

We should inform the readers that you yourself were the host of Williamsburg's longest running radio quiz show, "Quiz Kid," succeeding the legendary Marty the K.
Feel free to post! It was a pretty cool brush with greatness if I do say so ;)
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