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The good and bad parts of being 7 feet tall

I took in the Baylor men's basketball game this afternoon against the University of South Carolina. Not surprisingly, Chris Fharenthodth was there to cheer for his beloved USC, even as they played against our Baylor Bears. Man, that guy sure does love the Gamecocks. Anyways, I always enjoy watching Baylor's Mamadou Diene, who plays with enthusiasm and gets real joy out of blocking shots.

But who wouldn't love that? Some yahoo tries to shoot at your basket and BOOM, right out of bounds or into the back of Tweety Carter's head or whatever. (If nothing else, you have to love a team with a Mamadou and a Tweety). It really is one of the benefits of being gigantic.

There are other times, though, that I'd rather be 5'10", which fortunately is my height. For example, in an airplane. Where do Mamadou's legs go? There is no conceivable answer other than putting his legs in the overhead bin, which would only work if they detach (and I doubt this).

Some sports, too, are better suited to a smaller frame. For example, Brian Serr is a pretty good skier, but I think his size is a disadvantage. There are times that I will get to the lift line first, and watching him descend is like seeing an untrained sasquatch driving a car into a supermarket, as he tries to stop, grab a tissue, and adjust his goggles all at the same time. As the people in line scatter, screaming, I often pause a moment and consider the positive side of not being quite that big.

But still, I'd like to block a shot like that, just once.

You were there? Then you saw me shuffle out shame-faced at halftime when I just then realized that it was the fake USC we were playing. That would explain Prof. T&E's dirty looks every time I cheered for the Trojans.

And yeah, that was a wicked block. That Diene is one tall cat.
I once knew a guy who was just about 5 foot 1. He was in sales and his personality was HUGE you know? Not in that Napolean Complex kind of way, but I mean everyone just loved that guy.

I guess height matters in sports, and on airplanes and in high school, that kind of thing but in REAL LIFE it does not really matter. I guess you notice extremes in height more but it only makes an initial impression. In the long run, people's hearts and souls and kindness are the only things that matter. If only to me.

I mean but everyone wants to be someone else for a day... I would like to sing like Aretha and skate like Kristi Yamaguchi or Michelle Kwan or even Caryn Kadavy.

Probably not all on the SAME DAY.
Yet another occurrence of the name of this blog in my life..... The other night I had RAZOR CLAMS for dinner. Apparently they are really popular on the Pacific Coast, which is where I live, sort of. They are HUGE. I mean like just HUGE.

I had never heard of them before, but I do eat a lot of clams. I like clams. I always eat those Little Neck clams, often referred to as "Steamers" here in Oregon. I think they are called Little Neck clams. I like them when they are steamed in white wine and garlic..etc. Sometimes I call them Rubber Neck clams, because they can be a little chewy.

I like almost all shellfish, but Lobsters really kind of freak me out. I mean I LOVE Lobster but I like it IN THINGS rather than eating it in its little shell... TO me they look like huge red roaches or something and I just they are so prehistoric looking and then that green stuff comes out and just ewwww you know? it creeps me out.

It reminds me of a time when I went to this sushi place in San Jose and they had a Koi Pond there. It was kind of like a river and the Koi fish would swim by as you sat at your table and ate your sushi. This was kind of awkward for me, because I felt like they were looking at me as if to say "Uhhmmmm Yeah... WE KNOW what you are eating, and we REALLY do not appreciate it."

This was very poor restaurant design.

Wow. I should really stay off the computer when I cannot sleep. My toddler woke up after a bad dream. Now he is back asleep and I am here writing about clams.
I PROMISE I am going back to bed after this. But I could not sleep without also sharing my VERY FAVORITE website...

Cats that look like Hitler

They are also known as KITLERS.

It is very disturbing and funny at the same time.
My Favorite Kitler:

ON the "best" List...

There is a cat named MONTY (owned by Celeste) Number 45. He is is hairless and does the Hitler salute thing.

my favorite Kitler BY FAR.

Razor Neck clams sound terrifying-- like they would be huge and have some razor-y appendage that could cut your head off. Yikes. I'll bet there is an animated video somewhere of a fight between a razor neck clam and a kitler.
The Timbertoes seemed to have a good solution to that whole detachable leg thing. I'm still creeped out by that.
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