Monday, December 25, 2006


Birth Day

Last night at church, there was a small child, between a baby and a toddler, who was really loud. But, not in a bad way; this was an exuberant loud child, who punctuated hymns and the end of prayers with "Abalabeb!" and "Blablabla!" in a joyful voice. I'm so glad that the parent didn't leave with the kid, because after a while I looked forward to that little burst of joy at each transition.

We are all born with joy inside of us, and this is a day to feel it and express it.

Our pastor's little grandchild wandered around up to the front and joined him for the greeting. Some people didn't think it was appropriate for him to pick up his grandchild and carry him around as he spoke, but I thought it was a perfect symbol of what Christmas should be.

Merry Christmas Professor Osler!
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