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Advent is my favorite part of the church year. That idea of waiting, of patience, of reflection... it resonates with me in a way I find hard to express. Of course, the religious significance for Christians of this period conflicts with our commercial culture, which marks it with a cacophany of marketing.

For the next few weeks, I'll be working hard on that Claiborne brief, which means my door will be closed, I'll be grumpy and scratch my head a lot, etc. But in a way, working on an intellectually challenging brief will be appropriate for advent-- long periods deep in thought, with no rushing around save for chasing a rabbit trail of deduction now and then.

If you look in through that little window in the door, I may be lying on the couch thinking, or turning around and around in my chair with some papers in my hand.

To everything there is a season.

Do you ever worry that your talents and intellect might not be enough when working on a brief like this?
What do you do if a court chooses not to use the tool you have so cleverly fashioned.
That's what they usually do-- I learn the lesson of humility a lot. They say to focus on your strengths, well, there you go.

But, what happens is I read the opinion. Sometimes I end up agreeing with the court; they saw something I didn't, or balanced something differently. Those judges are usually pretty smart, and sometimes I'm not.
I hope that God is as forgiving with my use of the tool he so cleverly fashioned for my salvation.

(Sorry, I took your analogy to Advent a different direction.)
Yeah, that was a totally wrong direction, GED3. You know... there are no 2 lb. Maine lobsters in hell.
Even if they did in fact have such lobsters, they would be broiled in the eternal burning lake of sulfur.

Sulfur doesnt taste good, man.
BMac, you are a wise man.
I think there might be a flaw in your position about lobsters in hell. I am told that animals don't go to heaven.
I have it on good authority that there are lobsters in hell.

There are no tasty beverages available to wash them down with.

That's how they get ya, those crafty devils.

That's how I know Baylor Law is not hell. We have tasty beverages.
But is there melted butter?
At Baylor Law? No, we got rid of that "melted butter." Now we only offer a mostly-hydrogenated partly fatted "spread."
Not BLS. Hell.
A-ha! Now that you have graduated, you are willing to admit there is a difference between the two!

And no, they have that "spread" stuff in hell, only it has tiny bits of styrofoam and glass in it.
I'm also a big fan of advent. For one thing, it kills off the season of Pentecost that lasts from (you guessed it) the day of Pentecost ALL THE WAY until advent. By the end of the Pentecost season, I think even the priests have given up trying to make sense of the lectern readings.

I like Advent because of the junk food and candy that accumulates in the office. No need to pack a lunch!

If you eat like that, you will be in a hell of your own making, encased in layers of fat and XXXL dockers like some kind of 1989-era Rush Limbaugh.
You're right. I'll need a trip or two to the Health Camp to get myself right.
Sure there is a difference. Texas is not the United States, just a part of it. Same concept.
No no GED3-- I meant now you recognize the difference between Hell and BLS.
Is that YOUR house? DId it snow in Texas>? i am so confused.
I would not think there would be lobsters in hell, but I do think there would be a lot of those motivational posters on the wall that say things like "THERE IS NO "I" in TEAM."
Tyd-- You are so right about the motivational posters. But... you of all people should know where that house is!

OK I get it now.
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