Monday, May 27, 2024


On Fictional Characters

 Zounds! Great turnout last week for the exceptionally vague category of "fictional characters." We had this FROM IPLawGuy:

Adam West - Batman
None of this silly angst stuff
My kind of hero.

And an anonymous post ABOUT IPLawGuy:

And IPLawGuy
Isn't he just fictional?
I bet that he is.

My old friend Mark L. sticks by his old favorites:

Green and orange clay,
Googly eyes, my fav’rite pals,
Gumby and Pokey.

And so does Desiree:

Flying his Sopwith
Camel with Wingman Woodstock -
Snoopy’s a hero!

Jill Scoggins goes to the classics:

It’s elemen’try:
We want brains like Holmes’ to solve
our life's mysteries.

And so, in a way, did this anonymous post:

I Dream of Jeannie!
Harem outfit, turns to smoke
Purple bottle couch.

CraigA, a man of my own heart:

Calvin and Hobbes: A
wonderful life full of play,
joy, and adventure!

And the Medievalist is stuck in the future:

Max Headroom icon
For the computer A.I.
Generation is.

Fictional? Maybe.
Don't we all remake ourselves?
Public, private faces?
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