Monday, December 11, 2023


Poems about toys that come to life

 I'll admit it-- this week's topic was a little weird, especially for Advent. But people still really nailed it! This was my favorite:

Can I come over?
Your clothes, hair, shoes and camper!!!!
Playtime with Barbie!

Though Jill Scoggins had my heart, too (I heart Snoopy):

Snoopy, I would love
to join your adventures. Can
you come pick me up?

Desiree and I must have had different toys, because I have no idea here:

Galloping away
on a beautiful Breyer
mare, bows in her mane. 

While the Medievalist is totally talking about my history!:

Spirit animal,
Opus plays tuba, Deathtongue,
Dandelions galore.

I guess Breyer horses are more of a horse-crazy girl thing 😎
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