Monday, February 06, 2023


On Dogs

 I don't have a dog. But a lot of you do, one way or another! 

This one from my dad makes me wish I had met Fletcher:
Fletcher would lead us
through the high grass that was much
taller than he was

Those were happy days
as he was just being a
spaniel for once.

Gavin has a working dog:
Nose pointed, paw up
Muscles twitch, tail ram rod straight
Pheasant flush. Good girl!

While Sleepy Walleye has an old friend:
Our elderly pal
Struggles to get up from bed
To greet us with wags.

IPLG has a huge dog:
Love my playful Dane
Wants love and a chance to romp
kind of like me too.

And Desiree's... well, you figure it out (also, note to Desiree: "Chuck" is a cat name):
Little dog with a
Big personality, Chuck’s
motto: “hold my beer”

While Anon has a very fine dog:

I have a sweet dog.
Gentle smile, mystery eyes
My youngest, my pet.

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