Wednesday, February 08, 2023


Oh no, 2024


Joe Biden did a pretty good job with the State of the Union speech-- he made a good case for the reasonableness of recent legislation and the need for more. I was impressed.
It probably will bolster his case to run for re-election in 2024, which he seems inclined to do already. And we already know that Donald Trump is in, and that in a fractured primary his command over a broad swath of the Republican base gives him a huge advantage.
But... does anyone else find the idea of a Biden-Trump rematch kind of depressing? The debates will be two elderly guys yelling at each other about stuff, and their own grievances will come to the fore. 
Some pundits seem to think there just isn't anyone else in the Democratic stable, and that is just nonsense. Just in the Senate, there are several strong Dems who would be great candidates.
But, we just may end up with those guys in the picture, all over again.

Seldom in our country's history have we had a leader who commanded so much respect from those he worked with. Obama, cabinet members and staff, foreign leaders all consider him to be worth listening to. It seems that the closer one gets to Joe Biden the more confident one is in his ability, strength, experience, honesty and decency.
Joe Biden is a good listener and has a pretty good filter. I agree with you he is a little timid and doesn't take difficult challenges head on. His strength is that he doesn't get bogged down in the baggage of his personal grievances. He is in character and deed the anti-Trump.

I hope that he doesn't try to govern as old age takes its toll. Part of winding down is the loss of memory, the loss of purpose, and the emergence of personal grievances. Joe Biden watched Ronald Reagan deteriorate while still in office, and I hope that he doesn't risk taking the same route. As President he has accomplished so much and proved last night that he retains his effectiveness.
You would think Joe Biden had a strong speech unless you were forced to listen to Fox News intermittently the following day. They harped, endlessly about Social Security and Medicare.
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