Monday, October 03, 2022


Storm Poems

 All right! So much good work here.

My Dad's, of course, described something familiar to me:

Storms come low across
Lake Saganaga turmoil
followed by blue skies.

As did the Medievalist:

Icy snow blows cold,
Stings my eyes, freezes the heart,
April makes me cry.

IPLawGuy had a truth:

Go! Evacuate!
Easy if you have the means
Most, sadly, do not.

Christine was on it:

Missed the house in Florida
Found us in N.C.

Twice, actually:

Evacuate from
Tampa... all routes in storms path
must shelter in place

Desiree told another familiar tale:

The tent was cozy
'til the storm started. Now we're
sleeping in the van.

Jill Scoggins brought it:

Light before a storm:
Colored gray-green, it’s unlike
all others you'll see.

And I loved this from Meghan Willome:

baseball-sized hail knocks
pollen out of live oak trees—
Come out and breathe, y'all

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