Monday, May 24, 2021


Haiku of the hopeful

 Great work on the theme of self-improvement last Friday!

We had this great one from Desiree:

I'd sing, and sing well.
Like Anita Baker or
Shakira. Watch out!

Karioke bars
would be my playground. Hitting
high notes like Houston!

And truth from Arce:

My memory fades.
it is not aging well for
new information.

This I remember,
plus the old stuff from years past,
just not most things new.

I liked this anonymous entry:

See the BIG picture.
What did she say at the end?
(Smile). It was all good. 

IPLawGuy is totally right about this:

"Mrs. Newhouse"? Non!
C'est Madame Newhouse pour toi
Nous Parlons Francais!

While the Medievalist speaks for many of us:

If only I could 
Finish all of the projects 
That I have ...

Oh, and one more from IPLawGuy:

Piano, Guitar
A musical instrument
My fingers fumble.

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