Monday, May 03, 2021


Best Haiku Ever

 We've had some great little poems here over the years, but I don't remember one quite as nice as my dad's last week (explainer: the photo was of my mom, Phyllis, in her garden):

Phyllis leans down to
welcome her friend's arrival  
A spring love story.

Tracey joined us, with a too-familiar story:

Sunny guard tower
Breezes blow soft through barbed wire
Inside he awaits. 

And the Medievalist seems a little down:

Dingy rainy day,
The rain falls on the just and
The unjust alike.

But not Jill Scoggins!:

Azaleas, redbuds,
tulips, daffodils. It’s spring. 
The Ville. Colors burst!

Desiree hit a similar note:

Azaleas -- red,
pink, white, purple. Tangerine
is my favorite.

But IPLawGuy has the sneezies:

My car is yellow
sticky, dusty and coated
with sneezy pollen.

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