Sunday, April 18, 2021


Sunday Reflection: The Promise of Spring


To everything there is a season. At least in Minnesota.

The winter here is magical in its own way. The world goes from color to grayscale, with bright white snow and dark nights. I was looking at some of my photos from the winter, and it is hard to distinguish some of the black and white ones from the ones taken in color. 

And now it is changing. Yesterday I went on a bike ride and saw these amazing green buds coming out on the trees, the tall grasses emerging from the edges of lake, still tiny seekers poking out of the ground. Here and there are tiny blue flowers, the early adapters who let us know what is to come.

I feel as if the last year has almost been suspended animation. Was there Christmas? Did we end school, and start again? And was there this time that the NBA was playing in July, but major league baseball wasn't? More than anything, the pandemic has disrupted these non-natural markers of the cycle of life, the social changes that animate our modern world. 

I am ready for that all to come back. And so are you, I suspect. 

But perhaps in the absence of those man-made markers, some of us have become more attuned to the brushstrokes of God.

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