Friday, April 23, 2021


Haiku Friday: Art!


The photo above shows Arnold Schwarzenegger hold the portrait that George W. Bush did of him. 

Maybe not what I would put up in my home, but tastes vary. One pleasure of doing a lot of TV spots from my office is that people write to me about the art behind me and I get to direct them to my dad's website.

Let's haiku about art this week: what you like, what you have made, what you want to see, whatever!

Here, I will go first:

Then, I didn't know him
But he lived in my house
And now... now I do.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable pattern, and have some fun!

Pablo Picasso,
Misterio cubista,
Que fea la mujer!
Cassatt made us see
the woman: dignity in
that once thought less than.

BTW - If you flip the 2nd and 3rd lines of The Medievalist's offering, it still works as haiku when translated into English. Just the odd thought that popped into my head.
Paintings on wood, art
that's also haiku. So proud
of first son, artist.
Art, an elective
So was band, no art for me
A nagging regret
Many years, struggled
to find my true canvas, now
I paint with flowers

On a dif'rent note
I too have enjoyed the art-
work and book backdrops

ps - please share yours. I really like Eugene Robinsons and he recently changed it.

Christine-- I have changed mine, too-- three different paintings by my dad!
"Pablo Picasso
Never got called an asshole"
Jonathan Richman

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