Sunday, March 07, 2021


Sunday Reflection: Righteous Anger


Today I am giving the sermon at First Covenant Church Minneapolis. (I'm also being interviewed for NPR's Background Briefing with Ian Masters, which will air today at 2 eastern most places).

The topic of the sermon is the remarkable passage in John 2 where Jesus makes a whip (!) and then goes into the Temple to drive out the cattle and sheep and overturn the tables of the moneychangers. I remember reading that as a kid and finding that thrilling-- the whole scene of chaos and principle. It was my introduction to righteous anger, which is the topic of the sermon. If you want to listen, here you go:


As I was driving to the church to tape the sermon, I was listening to an old CD and Handsome Boy Modeling School's The Truth came on. It's a great song-- all barroom piano and featuring a rap about criminal law-- but the bass grabbed me.

And that made me think this: that righteous anger isn't a wailing guitar solo. It's long, low bass notes that seem like they have been there forever, waiting to come up to the surface. And when they do... well, I hope you will listen to the sermon.

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