Monday, March 08, 2021


Haiku re Snowplows!

 I figured this one would be a challenge. "Snowplows" is not a traditional haiku topic (nature themes are the intended subjects), but people did a great job with it.

We had this from my dad-- sounds like a day that turned to the good!:

High snow banks back road
huge plow truck coming other way
headlights blinding me

Get home and find that
my neighbor plowed my driveway
winter is the best.

And from Texas, truth from TallTenor:

Texas has a plow,
One for all the state to share.
So goes the rumor.

DDR had this to say:

Plowy McPlowFace
I see you racing past me
Sparks fly! Salt showers!

And IPLawGuy, in the space between MN and TX, had this in-between viewpoint:

Prediction: 3 inches
Trucks line up on interstate
Waiting to drop salt.

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