Thursday, September 06, 2018


PMT: 110 Minutes on the inside

Yesterday was interesting.

That's me (well, the back of my head) in the Roosevelt Room of the White House yesterday, sitting next to Van Jones and with Kim Kardashian looking over as I blather on about something. Ivanka Trump is at one end of the table, and Jared Kushner is at the other. Rachel Barkow is hidden behind Mark Holden (General Counsel of Koch Industries) down at the Ivanka end.

In short, Rachel and I, along with Paul Larkin of the Heritage Foundation, were asked to be part of a discussion on clemency reform, and got to make our pitch for a better system. It was a serious and worthwhile discussion, and I was really glad to be a part of it. You can see Gregory Korte's report in USA Today here. If USA Today is too "hard news" for you, here is the E! Online report.

Based on emails I have been getting from far and wide, I know people have a lot of questions, so I have included an F.A.Q. below.


Q.  Does the White House have valet parking?
A.  No, they don't. Or if they do, they didn't tell me about it.

Q.  Didn't the Clinton's put in a cat door for their cat? Did you see that?
A. I remember "Socks the Cat," but I didn't see a cat door.

Q.  Where is the White House located?
A.  It is found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC.

Q.  Do you think the Pardon Power can be used in a particularized way that would ensure that worthy applicants are found consistently?
A.  I do, and have written about that here.

Q.  When a president leaves office, do they have a de-inauguration where he has to turn in his keys and stuff?
A.  I don't think so. 

Q.  Where is the White House located?
A.  Still at 1600 Pennsylvania. It hasn't moved since three questions ago.

Q.  Did your presentation have any kind of modern dance component?
A.  Yes.

Is it true that the White House floor is sticky, like a cheap movie theater, from the many KFC gravy stains and discarded Big Mac wrappers now dotting its hallowed halls?

Is there really a closet where Jeff Sessions goes to cry after Cabinet meetings?

Did you see one of the "mini parades" the military has been staging outside the Oval?

Who wore it better--Kim or Ivanka?

Will you now register as a Russian agent?

What does Jared Kushner's voice actually sound like?

How many more slots are left on your White House punch card before you get that tax-free year?
I actually saw this segment on CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. Didn’t notice you because the camera and the story line was all about Kim Kardashian’s valiant efforts on clemency review. The tableau struck me as a frame from a Balkan soap opera... princess and husband at both ends of the table. I actually continued watching and saw the segment in more detail on Entertainment News. Still just Kim and the royal couple. It is progress though. And like you said before, whatever gets the reform going is a good thing.

I did
James Earl Jones (surprising)
3 (7 punched!)
Definitely want to hear more about the modern dance element.
I LOVE the pic on the E!Online story. This is awesome. I can't even. My mind is all scrambled looking at the mix of people there. I was going to say stranger things have happened, but maybe not . . .
Did you head over to Old Ebbitt Grill after the meeting? If not, why not?
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