Monday, June 04, 2018


Three winners, and one... person who doesn't get it

There were three great haikus last week, from Amy, Jill, and the Waco Friend. And then there was this, from "Brizilaya Ashila":

It's extremely frustrating because an increasing number of cases of statutory rape are getting to be rampant in the modern society. You can find more details on Criminal Offences Lawyers ยป The Criminal Law Team Toronto on the site

Let's face it-- there is a whole lot of weird going on there. Is her problem that there is too much statutory rape or too many statutory rape cases?

Also, she just is not respecting the format for haiku. This could have worked:

Modern Society
You have a problem with rape
I have more details.

And it be great if Mr./Ms. Ashila actually could do something to address sexual violence and the sexual abuse of children.  Sadly, I don't think that is the probably outcome.

I love that you turned spam into haiku.
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