Monday, June 25, 2018



Jill Scoggins gave us a great story last Friday-- in haiku:

Russian Jews, newly
arrived, put their heads down in 
the cereal aisle.

“eh – bish – leesh – come,”* they
say through confused tears. “It is
too much, much too much.”

We take for granted 
what U.S. stores have. It’s more
than they can take in.

*это слишком in Cyrilic

Of course, for those of us Calvin fans, it was hard not to love Megan Willome's too:

Calvin's breakfast was
Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
stayed juiced all morning

I like that the prompt inspired both silly and serious haiku.
True Story: Quisp and Quake were test marketed in the Pacific Northwest where I spent a lot of time in the mid 60's, but not available in Ohio where we actually lived.
Also True Story: When I lived in Beaumont, TX, the Jewish congregation there sponsored Jewish families emigrating from the former USSR. The rabbi told me the story about the first family they sponsored becoming overwhelmed in the cereal aisle at Albertson's. He was kind of at a loss in knowing how to help them, he said, so he guided them out of the store. Subsequent families were shown photos of supermarkets to prepare them in advance.
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