Wednesday, June 07, 2017



It's really summer now. And I love that.

Things in this photo that mean summer: 

-- boat cushions. 
-- gas can
-- fishing net
-- summer hair
-- mysterious stain on old shirt
-- paddle
-- tackle box

Yesterday, after work, I sat out in the backyard and did the crossword puzzle in the Times which was, oddly, composed by Lisa Loeb.  A bug landed on my bare arm and I looked at it for a while as it walked first up-arm and then reversed course and headed back before I brushed it off. Overhead, a ragged V of geese flew north, not too high, moving fast.  Kids in a neighbor's pool called out their dive ("can opener!") and then there was a splash... 

and that was it. Summer is here.

Sounds peaceful... I worked outside to the incessant whine of lawn mowers and weed whackers on the neighboring streets. I prefer your version.
I can't see the Zebco close-faced reel. Now THAT is summer.
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