Monday, June 05, 2017


Summer haiku

Crikeys! You guys are good!

Susan Stabile did a great job of picking up the Mets theme:

There was a summer
when I screamed out with others:
You gotta believe!

On August's last day
it was hard to keep up hope.
(They were in last place.)

But scream out we did
And somehow or other (prayer?),
They ended up first.

Gavin wrote what I related to best:

Hammock 'tween two Elms
Sun filtered thru dancing leaves
Breeze rocks me to sleep.

And the Medievalist? His quality entry seems to reflect a certain bitterness about the Twins:

Endless days, warm nights,
Ice melts in my sweating glass,
Strike three, game over.

[confidential to the Medievalist: We have room for you and yours here in Minnesota. In Duluth on Saturday morning,  I walked out into a brisk 48 degrees morning....]

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