Thursday, June 15, 2017


Political Mayhem Thursday: When Politics Matters Too Much

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that President Trump is now under investigation for obstruction of justice. And that was only the second biggest story out of DC.

The biggest was the horrible story of a Trump-hating ideologue from Illinois shooting up a baseball practice for Congressional Republicans. The shooter seriously injured Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others.

A mind that concludes that the right thing to do is to take an assault rifle and shoot a bunch of people practicing baseball, because of a political situation, is a mind that is taking politics way too seriously. Yes, political decisions have consequences; I not only know that, but it has been at the center of my work for a while.  But for nearly all of us the decisions we make will have a far greater impact on our lives than the decisions a politician makes. One of the costs of obsessing over politics is that this truth can get lost, and people start to act like they don't have agency over their own lives. 

Do I think the administration is a mess in many ways? Yes. I've written about that.

Do I think there could be a justification for what happened in Washington yesterday, or anything like it? No way.

I can never justify violence, especially gun violence. the upside is this may have awaken the members of Congress that their vitriolic rhetoric has gone too far. Perhaps they can set an example and usher in a new era of civil discourse. One can hope.

As for the investigation for obstruction of justice I am putting my faith in the abilities of Robert Mueller and his staff to unravel this mess. If the President doesn't understand that his Twitter comments have put him in this position it will just affirm my belief that he is in some sense delusional. I currently believe there are multiple Russia story lines that are either merging or just by the common thread being lumped together.
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The biggest story yesterday was about the shooter in Washington who was in turn shot to death by the Capital Police. All the other shootings with victims dying were seldom reported. Gun violence is really a big story in our country. Another big story was the UN report that our coalition air strikes have killed at least 300 Syrian civilians and chased hundreds of thousands from their homes. The shooting in Va. was the big story in newspapers was the only story on cable news.
There was nothing good about the gun violence directed at Republicans but it did give a chance for brave politicians to stand up to the NRA. I assume not a single Republican was carrying but each took their turn to advocate for looser gun controls so law abiding citizens like the shooter can arm themselves. While we are at it we are arming everyone in the middle east so they can defend their interests.. Shame on both parties for not standing against gun violence and the gun lobby.

The counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is a joke. Russia did not manipulate the presidential election. Its all la sham.
It was the media that tried to manipulate the elections. Another blog even posted evidence that the media was trying to control elections.
And what about that email that shows a secret dinner at John Podestra's house between journalists and Hillary's staff.
This really is a media cover-up.
So, I usually delete anonymous posts on PMT, but what is wrong with journalists having dinner with Hillary's staff? They spend a lot of time with the staff of any campaign in a wide variety of situations.
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