Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Is it time for a new look?

The lady who has been cutting my hair apparently quit the business (not because of me, hopefully) and it might be time to go for a new look.  I'm open to suggestions. It might be good to go for something retro, too. Maybe a return to my cut from the days back at Barnes school?

That's probably easy to do. For a more distinctive look, though, I might want to go all in and return to this style I had in college (and I think I still have those shorts somethere...):

As a third alternative, I could just not care and wear a goofy hat:

So let me know your thoughts, since someone is going to have to look at it....

The option to return to the college style implies that your hair now is way longer and crazier to be able to “trim” it to that!?! Which makes me wonder how you kept it from igniting at 116 degrees in Phoenix AZ.
Anyway, I digress. My vote goes to the goofy hat option. It doesn’t just cover the hair rebellion it also protects it from the aggravating elements.

Enough with untamed locks and goofy hats. I vote is for a Marine DI haircut. Never seen you with short hair. A good buzz cut … high and tight on the sides … with a bristly flattop. It would also be a good summertime lake-cabin haircut.
I like the Jesus Christ Superstar look (second pic). Which means no haircut at all?

May I suggest the Richard Nixon "Presidential" style--slick it back with Vitalis....or BrylCreem....or Dapper Dan, and comb it straight back.

Your Dad has Great Hair. Do what he does.
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