Friday, June 16, 2017


Haiku Friday: The nicest thing anyone ever said to you

President Trump's first cabinet meeting featured him saying nice things about himself, followed by the members of the cabinet saying nice things about him. I'll be honest: it seemed a little bit staged, maybe.

But sometimes people say something kind that goes right to the soul and warms it up. Perhaps you are someone with the gift of saying that-- if so, thanks on behalf of a grateful world! We need that. Let's blog about those sincere, true, wonderful things people can say to encourage or restore or love. Here, I will go first:

I was a small boy
And he was the Principal
I had his birthday!

Now it is your turn-- just use the 5/7/5 syllable pattern, and have some fun!

Flood waters rise high.
We bring sandbags, maybe hope.
I lead my men in.

Knock. She answers quick.
Tired, stressed, she cries and hugs me.
"Oh thank God you're here."
Summer, long ago
Perhaps it wasn't so nice
"You're such a bitch"

I respond "Thank you"
It motivated me, his
brutal honesty

Goodbyes for three weeks,
Packed all night, car ride two hours,
Two flights, six large bags,

Tears, sweat, my eyes hurt;
Tongue-tied, face the customs guy,
"Welcome home," he says.

Daddy, I love you
Nothing will ever top that
Not much else to say
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