Friday, June 09, 2017


Haiku Friday: Britain!

Yesterday, there was a "snap election" in the United Kingdom, and it appears that Prime Minister Theresa May may have lost her job.  

Some of you are wondering "Why can't we have a snap election? Really soon?" Well, because we don't do that. We wait four years like clockwork.

Still, perhaps this is a great time to haiku about England (or, if you are inclined, the other parts of the United Kingdom). Here, I will go first:

Green fields, big white sheep
The hills went on forever
I drove terribly.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula and have some fun!

I miss the Beatles
And it's been a long long time
Still do sing along.
Bad Economy
Gave us Great 70's punk
Looking at Bright side
Great 70's punk
Gave me a bad back and scar
Still... was worth it!
My dear sweet Britain,
You could have had it all but
Brexit is a mess.
English breakfast tea
BBC World News, theater
I love you, Britain!
In another life
I'd be born in Edinburgh
Speaking words like "wee."
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