Sunday, March 20, 2016


Sunday Reflection: The Next Book

My next book, Prosecuting Jesus, is being published by Westminster/John Knox and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  It's about the experience of putting on the Trial of Jesus in 11 states, and the way it changed me and some of the people around me.

It feels both weird and self-centered to have written a memoir; I'm self conscious about that.  I hope it does not come off as some grander version of My Book About Me.

One thing the publisher was willing to do with this book is include photos, and there are several at the start of the chapters. Among others, IPLawGuy and Katherine Darmer are depicted, as are Bob and Mary Darden.  I had put them in the manuscript originally as kind of a visual placeholder or centerboard, but I am very glad they have stayed there.  

One theme of the book is that I tend to believe in things that I can see. That is a challenge to faith, where we are often taught or expected to believe in things that are unseen. The resolution of that conflict is something it took a long time to work through-- but resolved in an instant once the ground had been laid bare. That is sometimes how important realizations happen, isn't it? We wait and think and ponder, and then, when we don't expect it, the answer is there.

OK, that IS a compelling cover. Let's see the author photograph, please.
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