Monday, March 07, 2016


Haiku o' Politics!

Excellent job, Gavin:

I can't help but think
Is this the best you can do?
These clowns are A-List?

Liars. Psychopaths.
Your years of hard-selling fear
Brought us to this point.

And now you worry
The monster you created
Will kill your party

You miss the point, friend
Who cares about your party?
Your time, I think... DONE.

Hate? Anger? Hard sells.
You go the way of the WHIGs
Forgotten, not missed.

Something new will rise
To fill the empty void left
Don't know who or what

I hope they bring love,
Candor, equality, hope,
Humility, too.

My country needs that
Is this the best WE can do?
I really hope not. 

And, in a different vein, Renee:

Candidates? For what?
The one with the wolfish nose
Carries own made Bible

Could he be running
For Big Bad Boss Grand Inquisitor?
All the Maidens to keep track of for God!

And, for mastery of one-word haiku lines, Christine!

Only one word fits
when describing Donald Trump

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