Monday, March 14, 2016


Floor hockey in the basement...

Of all the haiku ever written by someone else, this one was perhaps closest to my own experience:

Floor hockey and fights
Leave many holes in the walls
Mom sure will be pissed!

Was I actually playing floor hockey with Gavin? Probably.

Meanwhile, Renee went either off-topic or had a lot going on in the basement:

A Rocket Man from
Childhood. He just wanted to
Work on space flight

And he did. He married
His one true love and became
A dad. He listened

To you with his whole
Being. He was delighted
By who you were. Different.

The Boy Who Loved Science
Couldn't be saved by it. Cancer.
Such a lovely man. Gone.

And I want to visit this basement!:

Trapeze on ceiling
Over mattress on the floor
Swing, let go, fly, bounce!

Poor Christine-- she doesn't have one!

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