Sunday, May 24, 2015


Sunday Reflection: Spring

There is a lot to love about Spring. Last night, I cooked in the back yard and left the doors to the house wide open. There are no bugs yet, and the temperature was just right, so why not?

One thing I love that we start to see in May is the sight of a church with its doors wide open to the air and the sun and the people walking by.  Something about that makes my heart sing; it is such a metaphor for what a church should be to the community, but too rarely is.

There have been times that I have been in a church and they have left the doors open even during the worship service.  What I love then are the sounds of it all. There are the city noises, and (at St Stephens) the sound of the creek, and snatches of conversation as people walk by.  I close my eyes, knowing people will assume I am deep in prayer, but I am listening like a spy with his ear pressed to a radio receiver, soaking up the clues to what is happening just beyond those doors...

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