Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Sorry!  I have blogged every day since 2006-- almost nine years-- until last week, as some of you have noticed.

There is a good reason, though.  I was giving lectures (on the death penalty, ethics, clemency, incarceration policy and US law school training) at the University of Guangzhou, in China.  The details are all on the poster above.  I planned to blog from there, but the Chinese government restricts the internet there, and among the things you can't access is the Razor.  Who knew? I suspect that it is because the Razor is on a Google platform, and Google is pretty much blocked over there.

Now that I am back in Razorland, safe and sound, I will have some posts to follow about the fascinating things I saw in China. 

Glad to have you back.
Oh, I'm sure you will have lots to tell us, Sergeant Shaw.
Well, that's a relief.
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