Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The (other) problem with Sochi

I have always loved the Winter Olympics, and am more interested than ever now that I live someplace where people do things like ski jumping and biathlon.  

The Sochi Olympics are just 100 days away, and there is trouble.  Russia has passed anti-gay legislation that is deeply troubling, and there is talk of a boycott.  

There is one factor I didn't realize until today, though, when I finally located Sochi on a map.  It is far south, in a subtropical climate; the city is in fact a coastal resort town on the Black Sea.  The winter temperatures are between 50 and 70.  The plan to gin up enough snow by using some that was stored from last winter, and making some with blowers.

Really?  Whose idea was it to have the Winter Olympics in a place without a real winter???  And... really, Russia?!?  Lots of better candidates there...

I was raised in Southern California. Waco, Texas, is my home by choice. In re the Winter Olympics: somebody let me know the medal count when it is all over...
agreed - a very strange choice. A friend of mine will be there as she is head of Olympic Marketing for AT&T. I am certain to receive daily weather updates.

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