Monday, October 07, 2013


That's some fine-tasting haiku!

There were some nice tidbits last week, on the topic of grilling.  Like this smooth-flowing poem from our favorite intern, CTL:

Back porch. Ice cold beer.
Glowing embers, not too hot.
Smoke. Meat. Breathing deep. 

And Ang sent in this morsel:

Bourbon-smoked turkey:
Brine overnight on ice with
fruit, garlic, spice, juice.

Wood chips, whiskey-soaked.
(Some for the grill, and a shot
or two for the cook!)

Finally, who could resist this bit of goodness from Jesse Davis?

Grass-fed ribeye steak,
Friendly steer from grandma's farm.
Nice cows taste better.

Is it an accident they are all from Texas?

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