Monday, October 28, 2013


More great writing!

I'm kind of overwhelmed by the great work of my collaborators.  Yesterday, Craig Anderson wrote a wonderful piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the Chesapeake.    He has begun writing for them regularly, and every bit of it is good.  Here is a snippet from yesterday's article:

In a culture that tends to champion property rights and individual freedoms over the collective good, water is the one issue that underlies and transcends such limited notions. What you own might be yours, yet what you do on your property can impact everybody. Water underscores our connectedness. Water innately argues for an imperative of common cause to protect our regional resources. Water is the unifying thread.
As a person of faith, I walk by a baptismal font of blessed water every Sunday as I walk into church. As a baptized Christian, I was blessed by water from a similar font. During our weekly communion service, I sip from a chalice full of wine, the symbolic blood of Christ, another sacred form of water.
Water is fundamental to my faith. Water is also fundamental to my spiritual and physical well-being. My faith tradition (Episcopal) suggests that being good stewards of our environment is one of the most important moral issues of our time.
I love that, and agree with it.
In other news, we had some wonderful haiku about make-out spots.  It was great to see Renee and Sally and Geoffrey back-- good work!  And any reference to Rum Raisin ice cream must be good.  I was a little surprised to find out about how much make-out time Christine had back in the day... I had no idea (and she lived five houses down the block).  Here is what she wrote:

They drove to the beach
setting sun, blanket, vino
It was their Eden.

There were many wonderful haiku's written this week, I kept checking back to read them and even more appeared late on Sunday. The Sunday quote with the Haiku is so true.

I am honored.

ps... three memorable make outs, three different guys, three uniquely different points in my life. Despite what you may think, I did not 'get around'.
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