Monday, October 14, 2013


Kings of Haiku!

Short form, I am going with the elegant simplicity of the Spanish Medievalist:

Matt Foley lives in
a van down by the river,
he is thirty-five.

Long form, It's gotta be the Waco Farmer (Rebecca's work was strong, but Fernando creeps me out):

Much like the Razor,
witnessed SN debut
never strayed too far

Best Ever? Hmm, Tough.
More Cowbell? Updaters?
Carvey's Poppy Bush?

Biggest Faves: Less Tough
Bill Murray's Oscar Picks &
Wayne, Garth, Party On...

I am El Nino;
Matt Foley; Nixon;
WooWee; Fernando...

Ok, so he did lop Fernando on there at the end...

This selection looks mah-veh-lous...
Thanks so much for the recognition. I must say that writing weekly haikus has helped me to understand the poetic writing process much better. I really look forward to every Friday and the challenge you throw our way--be creative, be thoughtful, be loving. This haiku was bittersweet for lots of reasons, but I really enjoyed writing this one. Many thanks for the opportunity. Tip-of-the-hat to Waco Farmer who really outdid himself this week. Kinda ironic that it was a couple of "old-timers" this week.

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