Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I heart you, Alaska

Yesterday, I got to spend a whole hour on Steve Heimel's "Talk of Alaska" show on Alaska Public Radio, which broadcasts across our biggest state.  You can hear the podcast here (Click on the tiny gray box right above where it says "Host: ....").

Steve was a great host-- knowledgeable, thoughtful, and welcoming.  Most fascinating, though, might have been some of the callers.  For example, when Steve said, "This call is from Dan in the Aleutian Islands...," I wanted to cut in and  say "WHAT!  You actually live on an Aleutian Island!?!  What is your job?  How does trick-or-treating work there?" 

I resisted the impulse, but it was still pretty remarkable to get calls from a place so fascinating and remote-- one of the 8,000 residents of a 1,200-mile long chain of islands.  It's a remarkable world....

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