Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Return of the Bob

Great news!

Last week's haiku champion, reigning Wacoan of the Year, and Razor hero of writing Bob Darden has re-started his blog, Rural Free Delivery.

Bob is a dedicated and wonderful writer-- the kind of writer who makes other people want to write. He certainly has had that effect on me, and is one of my most important role models and mentors.

All hail, Rural Free Delivery!

Yay! I used that blog as a great source when I wrote about him.

All hail!
Bob is an inspiration. He mentioned people challenging "with love and justice". That's what he does best.
Thanks, Spike
What an amazing, unimaginable, beautiful, touching story told by Bob. Gloria and her wave. I needed that story today. By contrast, in the Richmond paper this morning there was the second of two very pro-gun editorials in the past two weeks … written in a very shaming, condescending tone … calling out by name liberals and progressives for all their silly (implied) efforts at gun control … post Aurora, post VA Tech, post you name it. Today’s editorial also made poor use of statistics … confusing possible correlations for causality. Shame on them. Not a good start to the day. Of course, the only (mature, reasonable) response to gun violence is guns … and the threat of more violence. Note to self: I need to be a more mature, more realistic man; I need to grow-up and pack heat.

Later, in the break of a busy day as we get ready for another academic year, I checked the Razor and read the piece from Bob that Mark had linked to. What a great blessing. In the face of the tumult of a surprise attack and the utter terror of war, Gloria made eye contact and waved … what a silly, totally unreasonable response to the transfiguring violence that surrounded her and her imminent death … and yet she waved.

Thanks Bob, thanks Mark, and most of all thanks Gloria. You made it a good day.
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