Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sunday Reflection: Who shall wear the starry crown?

Today is the day that we Baptize babies in the creek at St. Stephens, an event that profoundly affected me last year-- I wrote about it here and here. It had been a very hard day for me.

My heart is in a simpler and better place this year. There is something I wrote this week that Dave Sheldon quoted: "That the theology of Christ was defined, after all, by who he loved, not by who he condemned." I've been pondering that, revising it in my mind.

Who Christ condemned, quite directly, was people who were like me, in some very specific ways: The educated elite, the teachers of the law, and the affluent. I do not pretend to be worthy of the grace I have been shown.

As a society, too often we condemn those people Christ loved, and love those whom he condemned.

Today, though, I will sit on the bank of the creek and watch this miracle again...

Was there a moment when Christ did not love those he admonished (condemned) through His questioning (teaching)?

I had not met the professor when he posted his reflections referenced this morning about Baylor’s policy towards gay men and lesbians (Aug. 30, 2011). His commentary in the Star Tribune last October 15th (May our debate about gay marriage be constructive) speaks to the expanded conversation sought in that earlier post - a most moving and must re-read. Though I struggle with descriptive words chosen that often separate and silence.

Christian beliefs speak to a heavenly reward offered through Jesus’ death for the redemption of sin. Faith and belief – weighing condemnation and love, sin and redemption, bigotry and affirmation and more… Envisioning an ‘either-or’ (black and white) life journey where our comments (often considered judgment) are encouraged through message – To be His presence in the world…

Prayers for me often include desired assurance my appearance before Jesus occur in this lifetime, not before His Father upon my death – many seeking my immediate emersion in the fires of hell. Who would not welcome that encounter?

Select a grievous sin of choice – abortion, the ‘sin’ of the day. If required to stand before Jesus, would we lower our eyes to avoid his gaze as we awaited His words? I can envision such an encounter…

- Mary (pick a name), I understand you are considering an abortion. Is that true?
Condemnation? No, a conversation begun. A conversation continued until a request,

- Lord, can we take a break, would you please stop questioning me, it’s too difficult to continue?
- We can stop any time.
- Thank you.
- Though, I assure you we will continue our conversation.
- When, Lord?
- At a time of your choosing.
- Any time? (I won’t willingly bring up this topic again) Thank you, Lord…
- Though know this, if you choose not the time, I will.

From a faith belief, there is nothing we can conceal. Is there anyone better to excitedly announce, at the end of each day, “Lord, I’m home.” and share our thoughts, deeds and encounters? Is it wise to await the ‘end of time’? There is no promise that our lives will be more peaceful and happy if we avoid difficult moments instead of willingly confronting them, and no guarantee we will be more fulfilled if we seek to limit our experiences and our encounters.

Should not all of our encounters, conversations and intentions seek to be honest, transparent and constructive? I believe the Lord does not condemn, only love those He listens to, challenges and encourages – as should we…
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