Thursday, August 30, 2012


Political Mayhem Thursday: So... which side does this ad support?

Thanks to Randy Roberts Potts for tipping me off to this...

Combine the ad above with the undeniable fact that gay couples in Minnesota do raise children and will continue to raise children, the points made in this ad actually seem like a pretty compelling argument to let gay couples in Minnesota marry one another-- because that would be the best thing for their children.

I'm happy to see the pro-amendment side make this point-- it's one that I made almost a year ago in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "...there are already thousands of children being raised in Minnesota by gay parents. The law is not going to change that -- it is a fait accompli. Gay men and lesbians are allowed to raise children, and do. Given that bare fact, isn't it better to have those parents be married, with all the commitment and expectations that come with marriage?"

The ad is a very strong foundational endorsement for children’s well being and the importance of family, loving couple centered families. Attractive Kalley gently tugs on our heart strings painting a picture of the perfect (Ozzie and Harriet) family while projecting a vision that her family is as perfect.

Her invitation extended, ‘Join Us’ on Whisteria Lane – where the picket fences are always pristine and white, lawns manicured and tended weekly by Jesus, Lexus RX Hybrids zip past McMansions ensuring Bradley and Brianna arrive timely each morning at ‘Stratford’ Academy and where Chardonnay flows freely at each catered back yard soiree. How perfect – and all my admiration for those so blessed…

As for the other 99%? Pull back the lace and appliqué coverings from roof, walls and furnishings of exceptional homes and left standing is a house. Houses seldom become homes until love and family radiate from within – loving families are not exclusive to Kalley and her friends on Whisteria Lane. Sanctity of life espoused in their cul-de-sac conversations until birth – when acceptance and inclusion often equate to keeping up with the ‘House Wives.’ Divorce seldom spoken of, though the liberating freedom perceived often celebrated as achievement, pedestal placed and pursued as trophies –often displayed like their children when admiration is worn on hearts as bracelet charms…

Parent hood is a blessing, a life long commitment and sacrifice – giving of self to one’s children whether single, married or in a committed relationship. Proclamations of ‘what’s best for children’ place all under the lens of the Lord’s microscope – should it be any other way?

There is many an orphan that would cherish to live on Whisteria Lane –as many seeking to be tucked in a warm bed, kissed on the forehead and told how much they are loved each evening by their parent(s) – single, married, gay or lesbian couple, it matters not. Unconditional love knows no gender or orientation…

Is Your Dream Still Recurring? The word is out! You love and care deeply and voices of appreciation, from this life and the next, are being heard – along with pleas to not only continue to answer being called, more is being requested of you – by those recurring in your dream and by many more unknown…

Your commitment and courage to not only share personally with immediate family and loved ones, but with your extended family (Osler’s Razor, Huffington Post, etc) challenges and encourages, each in or own way and time, to reach out and advocate for those without voice. Please continue to set the ‘bar higher’ – A competition this is not, attempts are not limited. You have created venues and the Lord seeks only our best effort – He is always there to pick us up, dust us off, give us a warm embrace and encourage our next attempt – our continual efforts to play a role in preparing His way.

“…loved and fulfilled” is an emotion best experienced by ‘playing it forward.’ You offer us that opportunity each morning – Besides a little prayer, can a day begin any better….
New Christine, what a blessing you are! Your words, a prayer and a long walk in the warm sunshine surely started my day off right this morning.
Seraphim, Thank you for the kind words. Each day, in our hearts, we are blessed to walk with each other. Can more be asked?
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